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How to Prepare Your Home for Selling:

It may be smart to invest some time and money now to improve the look and resale value of your home. Simple home improvement projects now can clinch a sale in the future. Here are some suggestions for you. Good luck with your home improvement plans and happy hammering!

bullet DO A WALK THROUGH. Ask someone close to you who will be honest and realistic to come along and advise of the impression the property makes on others. Start in the driveway, go through the house and into the backyard making a list of everything that doesnít look, feel or act right. This is a top to bottom or roof to foundation walk through.
bullet CURB APPEAL. Take the time now to do these odd jobs.Tidy the grounds, including the porch and garage. Touch up exterior paint and clean or repair gutters and eaves. Check for broken windows and stuck or missing screens. Your front door gives a vital first impression; ensure the doorbell works, the hardware is secure and polished and that it doesn't squeak or stick. This includes the garage door. Is the fence in need of some repair? Is your garage a catchall for yearsí worth of throwaways, old tires, rusty barbeques and broken lawnmowers? A trip to the local dump might be in order.
bullet PRETTY IN PINK? Once you enter your home, take a look at the paint. Are the colours out-dated or specific to your personal taste? Keeping the colour palette neutral will allow the prospective buyers to imagine their own furnishings and artwork occupying the space. Maybe the paint colour is fine but it is in need of some touch ups. Do-it-yourself painting is economical but make sure that you donít scrimp on the quality of paint or in the preparation.
bullet BRIGHT IDEAS. Every light socket in and around the house should have a good bulb of adequate wattage. Repair or replace wall switches, outlets, and light fixtures that donít work. And donít forget windows; cleaning them can make your house seem 20% brighter.
bullet FLOORING COUNTS. The first thing that most buyers notice is the carpet or flooring in the entrance. Put your best foot forward by having your carpets shampooed. If the carpet is badly worn or stained consider replacement. Are you sitting on a gold mine? Your old shag carpeting may be hiding hardwood floors. If this is the case, tear up the shag and show off the stylish wood grain. Repair or replace missing or damaged pieces of tile. If your flooring is tile, wood, laminate or linoleum ensure that it is clean and polished.
bullet BATHROOMS. Improvements in this room such as new lighting and fittings can really make a difference to buyers. Always fix any leaky toilets or dripping faucets. Bleach the stained grout, replace missing or chipped tiles, and check the condition of the caulking around tubs, sinks and toilets.
bullet KITCHENS. Here is another area of the home that if presented correctly can add great value. Appliances should be clean and in good working order. Keep the area under the sink clear and easily accessible. As in the bathroom, bleach the stained grout, replace missing or chipped tiles, and check the condition of the caulking around the sink.
bullet LAUNDRY AREA. Make sure that the washer and dryer are clean and in good working condition. If there is a laundry tub or sink check that it doesn't leak or drip.
bullet ILLUSION OF SPACE. Neatly arranged closets will give the illusion of more space. Work to eliminate clutter from all areas of your home, packing away seasonal items and personal belongings that are seldom used. If your home does not have adequate storage you may want to consider renting a storage locker for the short term.
1. Painting and dťcor, interior 73% 6. Window/door replacement 57%
2. Kitchen renovation 72% 7. Main floor family room addition 51%
3. Bathroom renovation 68% 8. Fireplace addition 50%
4. Painting, exterior 65% 9. Basement renovation 49%
5. Flooring upgrades 62% 10. Furnace/heating system replacement 48%
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